GPS for Law Enforcement
Solving crime trends with electronic stakeouts
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GPS for Law Enforcement: Solving crime trends with electronic stakeouts
Class Description

This highly interactive course focuses on addressing your agencies crime trends through the use of electronic stakeout equipment. Students will learn the latest practices for deploying “bait" property in a manner to specifically address crime trends in their communities. This is an excellent course for agencies currently using or considering GPS “bait" programs. This course is designed for Officers, Supervisors, Dispatchers, Crime Analysts, Investigators and Administrators. Students will gain a thorough understanding of implementing cost-saving and effective electronic stakeout programs to use as a “force-multiplier" in the apprehension of criminals.

Course Topics:

  • Establishing electronic stakeouts
  • Targeting career criminals
  • Various tracking techniques
  • Legal issues
  • Engaging volunteers
  • Review case studies
  • Handheld beacon use
  • Addressing property and violent crime
  • Enhancing community policing
  • Electronic stakeout as a force multiplier
  • Utilizing crime analysis
  • Website updating
  • Lessons learned
  • Live demonstration