Registration & Verification
INSTRUQ courses and services are only available to verified sworn law enforcement professionals who have the powers of arrest and criminal analysts who work under the direct supervision of sworn law enforcement.

INSTRUQ Registration and Verification is 3 steps.

Provide us with your personal and work contact information. We will use this information to verify your position with your agency. Please provide us your first and last name exactly as you want it to appear on your course completion certificate. Providing us with a department issued email address (if you have one) will speed up the verification process. Please provide us with your full department name. LAPD should be Los Angeles Police Dept. HIDTA Taskforce Members should check the box provided and select the associated taskforce from the dropdown menu.

Please provide us with your supervisor contact information. Your supervisor contact information must contain a department issued email address. Please inform your supervisor that we may be contacting them to verify your position. Please only register once.
After submitting your registration, please check your email inbox for an email from

This email is confirmation that we received your registration request. By clicking the link in that email, we will be able to verify the email address you submitted is in fact yours. Your vetting process cannot begin until you verify your email address.

Does your department use an email filter system that requires human interaction to verify sent email?

Systems like Sendio and Barracuda do not allow us to send you the email verification needed to complete your registration. If your department is using such a system and your registration process is incomplete because of it, email us at so we can help you through it. You might also want to check your spam folder and add to your trusted sender list. If you are unable to add to a trusted sender list, please contact your IT dept. and have them add us. If you cannot receive email from us, we cannot approve your registration.
Once verified, we will send you a confirmation email with a temporary password. The temporary password will allow you to gain access to our secure site. Login to with your email address and the temp password. Once you are logged in, we will ask you to change your password. The password you choose is the password you will use to access from then on.