Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance
Be the affiant or case-agent on a federal or state wiretap
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Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance: Be the affiant or case-agent on a federal or state wiretap
Class Description

This class is designed to prepare students to be the affiant or case-agent on a federal or state wiretap. The course uses examples from film and television, as well as real life case studies, to aid in the understanding of the concepts being taught. The course is designed to serve as an introduction to the tools available to and methods employed by investigators wishing to use wiretaps and other forms of electronic surveillance with an emphasis on narcotics, money laundering, and racketeering investigations. The course provides students with an overview of how to approach long term wiretap cases, as well as how and when wiretaps are appropriate.

This class is designed for both local and federal law enforcement officers supervising or supporting long-term proactive investigations.

This course does not certify you to run wires with the state of CA. Please visit lahidtatraining.org for our "Electronic Surveillance" course to be certified by the Attorney General of the State of California and be eligible to apply for orders authorizing electronic communication interception, conduct interceptions of electronic communications and use the intercepted communications in official proceedings.

Topics covered include:

  • A Historical Perspective
  • Title III & State Law Counterparts
  • What does a Wire Application Look Like?
  • Time, Funding, and Manpower
  • What is the Legal Standard?
  • How to Attack the Affidavit
  • What to do while up on the Wire
  • Coming Down off the Wire
  • Specialized Wires
  • Bugging