Detective School Module 6
Search & Seizure Review
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Detective School Module 6: Search & Seizure Review
Class Description

The Detective School Module 6 is designed to educate patrol personnel, or newly assigned Detectives, how to successfully negotiate the legal issues they are confronted with during investigations. We will discuss how interviews with witnesses, victims, and suspects can be successfully utilized during the criminal trial, and why recording interviews electronically is critical. Questions that will be explored include: What constitutes an Interrogation; when a statement is considered involuntary; can a wavier be implied; can you re-initiate questioning of a suspect; and what is custody.

Discovery issues for court, including recordings of interviews, any handwritten notes, photos, or photo arrays (six pacs) used to identify people involved in this crime will be discussed in depth. The analysis of scientific evidence such as fingerprints, firearms, cell phones, GSR and DNA will be reviewed to explain the use of such evidence items during court.

One of the most important tasks for any investigator is understanding how to get your case filed by the District Attorney's Office. This topic will be explained in depth and will include: how and when to provide advance notice to the filing D.A. that you are bringing a case to their office for filing; how stolen vehicle and domestic violence cases are filed; how and when to file for an arrest warrant; joint and constructive cases; what to bring for a filing; why in depth investigations assist with the filing procedures; and why the victim and suspect interviews are so important.

You will learn the following:

  • Miranda
  • Search and Seizure
  • Probation and Parole Searches
  • How to file a case
  • Beheler and Fields admonitions
  • Reasonable Suspicion vs. Probable Cause
  • 6th Amendment vs 5th Amendment
  • Redact your Reports
  • Recent Legal Case Law
  • Mincey Warrants